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the tanks are coming, the tanks are coming!

Tue, 10/19/2010 - 11:41am

The sights on maryland's bay bridge are typically really lovely, sail boats off in the distance, subtle rippling waves crashing down below, four 600 bbl brite beer tanks headed for dogfish head craft brewery...say what? Yes this means what you think this means...the tanks are en route T-minus one hour and 20 minutes and counting. In fact the tanks are making the same trek as many summer time beach goers make to beautiful Sussex County, Delaware, but these tanks have a purpose well beyond a great tan and caramel corn. these tanks are soon to fulfill their destiny of making great beer.

Upon arrival, the tanks will need to be unwrapped, powerwashed and lifted from their current reclining position to an upright one. To achieve this we'll be utilizing two cranes, a smaller one to do the unhooking and the big daddy crane to set the tank into the building. this process will take 1-2 hours per tank (keep your fingers crossed, ya'll, for closer to 1).

The next talented cast of homies, the survey crew, will then swing into action, helping to level the tanks and then bolting and welding those suckers into place. then, ahhh, success!

So if you're traveling anywhere near maryland and delaware highway's 404, 13, 113, 9 or 5 in the next hour or so and you see some shiny new toys that look really, really happy then you surely know why. Let the brewing begin.

(Edit) The first tank arrived around 3:00pm...the team is scrubbing it to make sure it's nice and clean before they move it to its new home.