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the merriment continues

Wed, 01/06/2010 - 12:50am

each year at dogfish we maintain a strong committment to enhance the benefits that we provide to our talented band of coworkers. this year we were pleased to announce the offering of company paid long term disability for all our full-time brewery and pub peeps, voluntary short-term and a really bangin' EAP (employee advisory program--as a freebie) to our crew. this is one of the funnest parts of my job--making our guys and gals say--hooray! sweet. although the management types are busy like bees, in the throes of recognition season and all the tying of loose ends associated with kissing 2009 buh-bye, your hr team is gearing up for some pretty cool celebrations this year, if you follow my blog think peace-a-pizza day times umpteen! first up on our agenda is the post-holiday holiday hootenanny coming up later on this month. it'll be a hoot, naturally, it always is AND it will officially kick off a year's worth of various forms of gettin' down! so as we plan to celebrate big here, and party hard there, know that all of this merriment by our coworkers sure will make for some right tasty beers in all of the age appropriate bellies out there. happy new year, ya'll.