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Fri, 07/02/2010 - 10:22pm

while talking to a candidate today i was asked what is my favorite thing about working at dogfish. hmmm. okay, so like does that mean only one thing? i rattled off what felt like a dozen things and sort of stopped myself realizing that I was indeed rattling on. anyway, work day ended and time to get on with the weekend, right? afterall, it is a holiday weekend and what not. in my pre-dogfish years i couldn't help but find myself longing for that end of day TGIF, you know what i mean...it's finally over, the prisoner has been released, dear <insert entity> please make it stop... but at dogfish, not so much. yeah, the weekend is the best and i love spending time with the family and recharging and all that really important stuff, but at the same time i also find myself looking forward to TGIB. so cindy, what is this TGIB of which you speak? it's the moment when ronny, one of our super warehouse coworkers grabs the bocce balls and a game/games break out. so what do i love about dogfish? well, a lot of things. but the sight of coworkers hanging out, enjoying one another and maybe even a few sips of their handiwork, or a quick game of bocce before their weekend starts is a pretty beautiful thing. it reminds me what work can be instead of what work very often is. so thanks ronny (and matt/sparky), for getting me to play today. i guess this means i also forgive you two for eeking out that victory over me and greg. TGIB everyone and happy weekend!