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season's eatings and eatings and more eatings

Mon, 12/21/2009 - 5:50pm

today was yet another great day to be a member of the dogfish family! it marked the 2009 installment of our holiday pot luck luncheon. and boy can our coworkers deliver some yummy homemade treats. nick benz, our c.o.o. (pronounced c. uh. oh.) whipped out the electric griddle and bust loose with made to order chocolate chip pancakes (even in fancy, although somewhat unidentifiable shapes of which h.r. will not further elaborate.) other high notes included audrey's get you drunk off your a$$ homemade rum balls and bourbonweiners. mariah took a break from twittering long enough to make some chocolate bark that made us pant. and this is only a wee sampling of the awesome homemade goodies we had to fill our holiday bellies. but thebestest highlight of all:thelaughter and fellowship as we collectively packedon some really delicious pounds.here's hoping we can button our pants tomorrow, but if not,there's always safety pins.