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Off-Centered Crew Brings "A" Game Dash Weekend

Mon, 09/28/2009 - 3:10pm

This weekend I was delighted to join many of my amazing brewery and brewpub coworkers in support of our Dogfish Dash!  At it's heart, Dogfish Dash is an annual event where running-types come out in support of the Nature Conservancy.  But, for a crew that likes to work and play together, like your friends at Dogfish, it's also a prime time for we coworker-types to come together, work behind the scenes, meet all of you, and enjoy each other, all while supporting a super great cause.  While our guests missed seeing us assembling packets, pitching tents, lugging kegs, filling ice, cutting bagels and the whole host of other things we did to get ready for the sneakered masses to pile in, you can bet your sweet sweat socks that we were all laughs and smiles while we hunkered down to get it done.  Way to go Mark, and Team Dogfish, you guys make effort feel easy and work feel fun!  Rain and all, it was a ball.