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Off-Centered Cinco de Mayo at the Dogfish

Fri, 05/22/2009 - 9:28pm

What makes for an Off-Centered Cinco De Mayo?  Two things:  have it at the Dogfish and hold it on May 15.  Come to think of it, this actually makes my post a whole lot more timely than it would seem.  That's right, last week we donned our sombreros, danced the macarena and got down to Rico Suave (yeah, we know his name ain't Rico) and had some delicious grubbin courtesy of our fabulous coworkers.  Special shout out to Victor who had his friend whip up some authentic and out-of-this-world chicken enchiladas for us to enjoy.  Some of us may actually still be breathing fire!  My HR lovelies made the most awesome homemade dogfish pinata you've ever seen, period, and Victor beat the death out of it.  Candy guts for all...hooray dogfish holidays!