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It's Hump Day, Ya'll...Whip Out Them Needles and Knit!

Wed, 10/07/2009 - 1:55pm

What do you get when you mix a handful of Dogfish coworkers, several bunches of yarn and an assortment of needles...one heckuva good time, that's what. Today we kicked off the first of many future Knit-A-Long Little Dogfishies with our Compliance Manager AKA Knitting Empress, Marne Coppinger. Okay, so some of our stitches were kinda tight and some were kinda loose, but as Marne would say about our coming-along-knit-quality, "it's practice." So, while we can't commit to hand stiched Dogfish head sweaters in yours' or ours' distant futures, we certainly will suggest that whatever we make will definitely be off-centered, unidentifiable, perhaps, but off-centered without question.