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great time had by all dogfishes at sea witch

Sat, 10/24/2009 - 7:42pm

we had a great time represent'n at sea witch today. while we obviously couldn't or wouldn't chuck bottles of beer into the crowd, much love to all the folks who asked for samples as the float made it's loop! it was fab to see all the dogfish pride intermingled with all the costumed revelers...personally we think a dogfish tee looks like the best idea at any occasion! but aside from friends, it was also super to see family! shouts out to ashley, jeremy, nick and olivia, who brought their other halves and/or little ones out to support! on behalf of your friends at dogfish, including big mama and her family, arron and his family, the brooks-brood, the paytons (who rocked it) and your's truly, we had such a great time smiling and waving and tossing candy, and we certainly can't wait til next year! if i missed anyone, blame it on the eye patch, arrrrgh!