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Graphic Designers Coming Out My Ears

Thu, 06/30/2011 - 2:02pm

Okay so "coming outta my ears" is an expression that my mom always uses to convey lots. And when thinking about 'lots' it's hard to not think of the recent posting for our Off-Centered Graphic D. how about south of 500 candidates - lots. yeah, that's lots.

So here was the tough part: One spot to fill! Talk about gut wrenching. If we had south of 500 spots than this would have been an easy fill, unfortunately we didn't. So, if you submitted your cover letter, resume and samples (or portfolio) like we asked, then yeppers, we eye-balled you.

At this point we have narrowed down to a short list of candidates who we will be contacting by week's end with phase 2 of the process. For all of our phase 1 candidates who we will be bidding adieu to, please accept our appreciation to you. Loved seeing what everyone had to offer, reading off-centered cover letters and taking a step into your creative worlds. Thanks so much for your interest, your submissions and your talent out the wazzoo. You made this tough and we thank you for it!


posted 6/30/2011