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farewell halloween!

Tue, 11/01/2011 - 11:11am

looking at the big ole heap of leftover halloween candy collecting in the kitchenette i'm reminded of what a super halloween season we had at dogfish again this year.our second annualhops, props, ghouls & goblins week kicked off october17thto our fiendish hearts delight. monday brought spooky space with co-workerstricking out theirdesk/lab/office/file cabinets/tour-roomwhat have you for treats. tuesday we office types trick-or-treated allourbrew-sidebrethren as they stopped by. wednesday was pumpkin carving day wherethe hr team rolledin 3jack's strong! thursday was zombie day. we nearly fell out when our brewing supervisor sethshowed up in a tie, but then we realizedcorporate zombie...helooked great. friday wewrapped the day with the littlest ones of our dogfish family when our awesome co-workers brought their wee ones in for some ghoul'd times! we had hot dogs and smores (thanks to jeff for his bbq'ng skillz), ghost stories in the treehouse and a haunted hayride on a local farm, thanks go out to our frank and ray for making that happen.hope all of ya'll had a safe and happy halloween...