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everything's coming up wildflowers

Mon, 05/10/2010 - 9:20pm

just today our coworker george reminded me that his wildflowers had returned. and he's just the most recent. last year all our coworkers received a mix of wildflower seeds as a gift for earth day. those of us who took them home and planted them have been lucky enough to see their vibrant colors return again this year. which is a beautiful reminder of just how awesome our mutual mom, nature, can be.

this year we were reminded that dogfish is still gladiolas that we're part of the team with a gladiola bulb. okay, so right now it's about as pretty as a small dirty potato, but you know what, before long, with a little dirt, sunshine, water and love, look out, it will be spectacular. but no worries, until photosynthesis and all that other science stuff kicks in we'll still have our wildflowers. ah, life is good. dogfish is good. happy belated earth day, everyone.