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dogfish extends welcomes for special visitors

Fri, 07/23/2010 - 1:35pm

so back in april of this year, paige and i worked a dogfish jobs booth at Congressman Mike Castle's Delaware Works job fair in georgetown, delaware. at this event we met the Congressman and many of his aides, and shared with them all of the job creation, hiring and other nifty goings on here at dogfish. we met many job seeking delawareans and shared with them what dogfish is all about, discussed our open positions and even offered some resume assistance or moral support as needed. one message that we consistently heard from many of the aides was that they might enjoy a visit to our little brewery to see what the dogfish story is all about.

a couple thursdays ago, we had the good pleasure of Congressman Castle and two of his staff (shout outs to Meghan Bowman, Staff Assistant and Kate Rohrer,Kent/Sussex County Director) visit our brewery. it seems the Congressman and his team have been getting out into the community to visit many of the businesses that had supported his initiative aimed at keeping delawarethe great place it is to live and work.


of course we're only too thankful at dogfish to play our small part in this, but it was sure fun hanging out with the Congressman and his team, and showing them all the cool stuff that we've got going on here in milton, delaware. cheers!