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Benevolence Day at the Dogfish

Sun, 03/14/2010 - 4:51pm

On Monday, March 8, 2010, Team Dogfish really hammered home the true meaning of Benevolence with a "day off" in celebration of volunteerism. Each year, our Beer & Benevolence Program supports numerous worthwhile endeavors in our communities. In the past, Dogfish Benevolence has culminated in our Dogfish Dash Event that occurs each fall in support of the Nature Conservancy. Last year, we really started to put some thought into making the spirit of Benevolence more tangible to our coworkers, many of who come out in support of our initiatives, but obviously, who care pretty deeply about the concepts behind what they support.

Our Tourism Guru and Benevolence Champ, Mark, and the Queen of Benevolence, Mariah, got the folks from Habitat for Humanity signed on and Benevolence Day was born! Crews from our brewpub and our brewery joined forces to assemble four teams and got to the hard, but amazingly enjoyable work of framing houses, ala the framing frenzy in effect! We came, we hammered, we drilled, we laughed, we knocked out the day's plan and then some, kickin' out some walls for a future project! (Yeah, that's how we roll.) When everything was said and done, we were pretty overwhelmed with what our team accomplished for the day, oh, and then we shared some pints.

Habitat Crew

Habitat, Mark, Mariah...cheers to you and cheers to the rest of our talented coworkers who said, "day off to build houses...bring it?" Yeah, you guys brought it. To read more about Beer & Benevolence, check it out!