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dogfish head

beach beer floats our boats

Thu, 06/24/2010 - 5:16pm

why are our brewery folk looking all doe eyed and what not? alison's beach beer and a big ole scoop of vanilla ice cream, that's why.yep, this monday is the return of our coworker beach beer ice cream float social. but that's not to say, you, too, can't try our tasty beach beer. next time you're at our brewpub, do yourself a favor and find out what the kids already know...alison's beach beer is a no ID required glass full o' yum! yep, that alison, our awesome distiller, who kills it with amazing rums, gins and vodkas, can also whip up a mean beach beer soda. so, what could be better in these dog(fish) days of summer than a refreshing float? hmmm. maybe a refreshing dogfish? well, not during working hours.