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Aye the Dogfish Float, All Courses Set For Sea Witch...

Wed, 10/21/2009 - 10:50pm

Countdown to Sea Witch! This marks the first year that Dogfish guys and ghouls will be joining the parade festivities at the Sea Witch Halloween and Fiddler's Festival in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Will it be spooktacular? You know this; what party isn't made better with a little Dogfish? Big Mama and Frank have been working diligently to make sure that this float, floats our boat. This year's design will celebrate the commemoration of the Dogfish Head Canoe and Kayak Launch in Lewes, Delaware, which is making it's offiical debut, the very next day. How cool is that? But, I'm getting ahead of myself, first we parade. So, if you're around town this Saturday, drop in for Sea Witch. If you see folks having the best time ever, dressed up like creatures/critters/objects (some unidentifiable, perhaps) but sea-faring-ish, all the same, bingo. So, smile, wave, yell "Go Dogfish, Crazy Looking Sea People" and then of course pester us for candy. It's Halloween, ya'll. And bet your sweet lollipop (or whatever else we hand out), we'll be excited to see you, too! Boo!