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Where's my stuff? (The Hymn of Arie Litman the PIA behind PIA)

Thu, 06/25/2009 - 1:35pm

So in reporting about the making of Pale India Ale, we failed to mention that none of it would have been possible without "and friends". "And friends" is actually our friend Arie Litman who provided the inspiration for the beer as well as...and I quote.....


Arie Litman is mad as hell!


"I'm Arie, the guy who cooks and bakes with spices, and came up with the idea of a beer spiced with Indian spices (AKA India Arie Beer), I'm the guy who went to the stores and bought all those spices, I'm the guy who research and printed out all the info about those spices, I'm the guy who packed those in a box, and stood in line at the stupid post office to send the box to you all. I'm the guy who nagged at you every so often (where's my beer, where's my beer).. :)So its likely that if it weren't for me, you would not have made this specific beer."


So Arie, thanks a million for all you have done. I'm super dooper psyched that you loved the beer. I wish we could have all enjoyed it together at the same time. We had a blast figuring out what to do with all of the treasures you sent us and it seems we've done good.


"BUT!!!! Yesterday I tasted the beer (at Pete's) and it was so damn freaking good, that I couldn't help but getting pissed about this whole thing. :) I could detect almost every spice, it didn't overwhelm the beer and I could taste the saison under it.. Perfection..

So now you see why I would get pissed.. Of course, it didn't help when everybody around the table (drunk) were egging me on.. :)"