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So Much Pub Exclusivity! I'm freakin' all about it!

Fri, 09/17/2010 - 10:39pm

So we tapped an experimental pub-only 120 Minute IPA today at 4pm. It's totally awesome, BTW. I made enough to fill 24 12 ounce bottles for sensory and analytics and to fill 4 13.2 gallon kegs. That is all. If you can make it down to taste it, please do. It's really good.

Last week, while the rest of the pub team was having fun in the sun at the annual Jungle Jim's waterpark Drink-eat-and-slide-a-thon, I had the Engineering Team in the the brewery to to collaborate on a beer. Greg Christmas and Jon Dolor conceptualized this reddish tripel of a beer flavored with guarana and grains of paradise. The beer fermented very well and is now in cold conditioning. On Tuesday next, it will be re-yeasted, primed with light candy syrup, and kegged. The beer will condition an additional two weeks before going public at four on October 1st. This beer is coming along nicely and we're really excited about it. You can see photos from this brew on my Facebook page.

So on Tuesday, our friends in Washington picked some Galena hops. The boxed them up and shipped them and they arrived to us on Thursday. Today we brewed with them. Oh it sure is wet hop beer season again. I look forward to this all year. This time around, I decided that a beer loosely based on the Kolsch style would be an appropriate vehicle for this most irresponsible amount of hops. Oh yeah, did I mention we put 50 pounds of wet hops in this 5 barrel batch? It's pure mayhem! I can't wait to put this beer in my mouth! Well, I anticipate being able to start pouring this around October 1st as well. We will unleash this when we open at noon that day (I think). I'll be sure to keep you well in formed. Thanks to Josh and Peter who were able to take time out of there busy lives to come in a work with me today. I appreciate the help and the camaraderie and the scrubbing. Check out my Facebook page for photos of this brew as well. (I'll get videos of the hop silliness up soon!)

Well, thanks for reading. Come in and take a tour some Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday and you can learn that I ramble when I speak as well.

We have more awesome stuff lined up to brew at the pub including a totally cool lager that Jason and I worked up. I'm all about it!