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Early release and upcoming fun.

Wed, 09/01/2010 - 3:50pm

Hey people! It's Wednesday. A hurricane is looming off our shores, it's hot as hell but still, things feel great! The Bam Bam Baji is ready to roll and is pouring as of ten minutes ago. It's smooth and creamy, rightly bitter, earthy, fruity, and wicked drinkable. Originally slated to be released on Friday, come in NOW and drink one and than another. I filled a firkin with this primed with light Belgian candy syrup which we plan to tap on Thursday the 9th at 4-ish. That's my 9th wedding anniversary, BTW!

On Friday we will be brewing a tej type beer. We are going to be making some fun fuit additions to it during the process. We have been working with Fifer Orchards in Wyoming, DE to get THE freshest peaches, plums and white nectarines as well as super fresh apple cider for this beer. Floris and I sat with Brandon from Fifer to taste some varieties last Wednesday and made some decisions. This fruit is amazing! We are totally looking forward to making this beer!