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Boots and braces and beer. (Good things come in B's)

Thu, 08/26/2010 - 10:19am

Pub brewing is in full effect! Chicha is in the finishing stages of conditioning and will be ready to go on Friday the 3rd. It is quite a departure from last year and MUST be experienced. It's dry. It's spicy. It's fruity. It's unique. We can't wait to share it with everybody.

So I've been thinking about the state of reggae and if you're like me, you're pretty bitter about how dreadful it has become. Seriously! Ever since UB40, reggae ain't been the same. So yesterday, to remind myself that really good reggae once came out of England, I strapped on my boots and mashed it up to the Moonstomin' sounds of Symarip and set out to brew a full on English bitter. Maris Otter pale malt and a touch of wheat and English crystal went in and out came an 11 Plato wort, rightly hopped and is now fermenting with our Doggie yeast strain. This yeast strain started life long ago fermenting similar worts in England so it was a back to roots event for everybody. Of course, I'm not from England and I don't do accents so I guess we were just reminding ourselves of the glorious past and how good stuff is timeless and that the old can be carried into the future to make something that is new and exciting. (UB40 is so dated... just listen to it and then turn it off, then listen to the Aggrolites and witness the past being brought into the future with positive results.)

So coming soon is a bitter called Bam Bam Baji (this was the song playing at the start of the mash in and was not chosen for alliterative reasons but conveniently enough...) celebrating the richness of the past and the promise of the future. This beer will be around 4% ABV carrying 14 IBUs on a base of rich English maltiness along with all of the nutty, earthy fruitiness a beer like this should have. Come and have a few pints along with our pub's excellent fish and chips!