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Awesomeness to come.

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 9:25am

Hey guys, I just started mashing in this year's Chateau Jiahu. After a year away, it's back. All of the honey and grapes and hawthorne fruit is lined up on the brewing deck and is ready to go. Before starting I took a look at the Sake yeast and it is growing very will and will be ready to rip just in time. I'm really excited because I LOVE this beer! The rest of the week will bring a whole lot of 60, 90, Shelter and Raison. Our in line carbonation system is in full effect which will enable us to handle our beer in a much gentler fashion than before. We are a few short weeks away from the startup of our centrifuge as well which will help us deliver more beer to packaging which in turn will bring more beer to you. The next installment of Burton Baton is just around the corner, too. Our good friend Jesse will be brewing something at the brewpub in the near future and if all goes well, the Pale Indian Ale will go on tap this Friday. Wayne's beer, Altar Boy, is coming about a week later. So much going on. It's total madness and it feels great. Until next time... -Bryan