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The 12 Packs are coming! The 12 Packs are coming!

Thu, 03/12/2009 - 2:47pm

So, we thought long and hard, drank a couple more beers, thought harder, put pencil to paper, pulled out our calculators, read the economist, mulled the WSJ, took a poll and then said. "Yep that's way off-centered"

We decided that it's time for a Dogfish 12 pack. The market is ready for some serious value.

In trying times were trying hard to continue to bring the world the best beer for the best dollar spent!

We're shipping the first round of 12 packs to the following distributors in the following states. The next time we brew 120 minute we will make another round of 12 packs:

Hop & Wine (VA), CR Goodman (CO), BEK Specialty (TX), United (DE), FP Winner (MD), Hunterdon (NJ), Beer House (KY), Glunz (IL), Franklin (CT), Drinx Unlimited (CT), Oak (NY).

We don't have any fancy packaging, nor any fancy whistles and bells. Just a simple box, duct taped together with an incredible mixture of IPA's and values.

There's one last twist when you open the box we've dropped in something to while away the time while the economy makes a u-turn.

Not all the 12 packs will be hitting the market at the same time due to legal approval, drop us a line for updates and time lines to market. NJ and MD have shipped last week!!!!!!!!