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Rolling out the Barrels-Well not literally.

Wed, 06/24/2009 - 12:48pm

May and June have been rather big months for us down here in slower lower Delaware with May marking the biggest sales month in the history of the company. We launched our summer seasonal Festina Peche. We shipped another incredible batch of 120 Minute our second batch of the year. We sold the most 90 Minute IPA ever, along with copious amounts of Indian Brown, Midas touch, Palo Santo and Raison D'être. That being said we are not done! In June we have launched our Brand X for 2009 Sah'tea! Once again thanks to all the hard work of our brewers a home run. Bare with us on this one as we are still awaiting some state approvals before shipping to all markets. The second batch of Burton Baton left the brewery during June and is making its way to shelves and taps across the country as I type.The fun doesn't stop there either, in July we will be shipping the 2009 releases of Chateau Jiahu and Theobroma. Both of which will be in wider availability versus 2008, more beer, more states, more shelves and more taps. I like to keep things simple.In 2009 we have done what we told all our loyal customers, accounts, consumers and distributors. No new markets and be your number one consistent source of world class beer. Currently we are trending 95% order fulfillment for the year. Last year we suffered through a hard out of stock period and trust me it hurt. This year is different! We are on top of our game. The rest of the year looks pretty enthralling I will keep everyone posted on what's coming, where its going and how it tastes.