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More Beer on it's way!

Wed, 10/27/2010 - 2:56pm

Here comes more beer.

It has been a little trying this year with regards to getting beer to our thirsty consumers. We have delivered to our goals for 2010 but the market is hungry for more beer than we can supply. Our little piece of the beer business as a category seems to be the one bright star this year. That being said we can only deliver a finite amount of beer. In the next two months that finite amount of beer includes some of our most sort after styles and flavors. November and December are some of our busiest months in terms of selling beer. Over the next sixty days we will launch the following beers. Olde School, Burton Baton, My Antonia, Chicory Stout, World Wide Stout, Bitches Brew and lastly this years Fort. Phew!!!!!!!!!By years end we will have sold just over 115,000bbls worth of beer. This marks a tremendous achievement for us. The 100,000bbls bench mark has only been crossed by a handful of brewers. We are not stopping there. Our goal for 2011 is to sell 140,000bbls worth of beer. This will be another 22% total barrelage growth for us. Its our plan to grow methodically and wisely over the next few years. We will accomplish this through great business planning with our wholesalers across the country, great planning with our people internally and great support from our retailers and consumers alike.Thanks to everyone for selling our beer, buying our beer and sitting back and enjoying our beer. Without the help of everybody along the way to the final consumer we couldnt do what we do!