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2009 Many thanks !-2010 look out here we come!

Tue, 12/08/2009 - 12:04pm

As we near the end of the year we are still shipping more beer than we ever have in the history of the company. December marks the annual release of Fort. Per use, we are sold out before we shipped the first case of beer. Once again there is an unforgiving demand for this delicious beer. It should start to hit the shelves and taps over the next seven days or so. We are working hard on getting the right game plan put together for 2010. We know 2009 was a trying year in the beer business and I would be nave to think we can just waltz into 2010 thinking everything is A ok. We have taken a good look at how we want to grow next year, what has be successful in 2009 and what we as a brand would like to grow beer style wise in 2010. A lot goes into planning continued growth but at the end of the day the consumer is king. The king wants high quality, great value and continued variety. We are doing all we can to provide the king his needs. We brew off centered ales for off centered people and the off centered consumer group is growing leaps and bounds. We are asking all our wholesalers to bring to market more specialty and more seasonal beers in 2010. Our game plan is to get more of our core portfolio on more shelves and taps of America. In 2009 we took a pledge to fulfill the needs of our current customer base by not opening any new markets. A couple of situations forced our hands with the opening of Las Vegas and part of South Carolina. We plan on following the same path in 2010. Let's make sure we get the beer to our current customers and keep them in stock. If the needs arise to visit new markets I'm sure we'll take a good look at them but right now we have to make sure our existing partners are well stocked.2009 was another record year of double digit growth and it took everyone along the channels to make this happen. Many thanks go to the brewers, cellar men, packaging, warehousing, wholesalers, retailers, bars, restaurants, and finally to the consumer.(I'm sure I missed some one per the Oscars.)I look forward to 2010 and continuing our collective success but I'm optimistically cautious in saying it's going to be a good one. Thanks to everyone for all your hard work!CheersAdam