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Happening Here

What is happening in the world of Dogfish.

Hey guys, I have a short time in which to type but I wanted to give you the heads up on a few things. As you may or may not know, we brewed some beers with Brooks Carretta who will be brewing at Birrerria at Eataly in NYC. Well, the ...


Hey friends. Last week was totally awesome with the brewing of the Eataly beers with Brooks. We made some really neat beers with some really exciting ingredients. The fermentations went as expected and our attenuation goals were met. We'll be ...


Tank four is in and beautiful! Thanks to everyone who worked together to pull this off without a hitch. All of this loveliness can only mean one thing, yep, time for a beer!


Good morning tank four! Just barely after its cup of morning coffee (or perhaps chicory stout), tank four is once more onthe move. As i type it is being hoisted high o'erhead of the brewery. The crane operators are maneuvering it inside where it ...


The sights on maryland's bay bridge are typically really lovely, sail boats off in the distance, subtle rippling waves crashing down below, four 600 bbl brite beer tanks headed for dogfish head craft brewery...say what? Yes this means what you ...


Last night we kicked off our beer dinner series with an Ancient Ales Dinner. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to hear firsthand how the relationship between Sam and Dr. Pat McGovern evolved and Dr. Pat gave a great slideshow presentation of his ...


This week we will have four pub exclusives on at one time. Sweet! The Shark beer and Tej are moving along and we still have a little left of those. On Wednesday, we will be tapping Bed Burglar, an amber ale brewed with a blend of four malts, two ...


...what a strange week. This week we made the final moves on two pub exclusives released today. At noon, we put Shark Beer out there. This is our wet hop beer for 2010. At the core, it's kind of a Kolsch. Where we lose that is how ...


Hello, friends. The wet hop Kolsch is fermented out and is now in cold conditioning. Things are shaping up nicely to get it on tap next Friday. I can't wait! I will be filling a cask with this beer as well. That'll happen tomorrow and we can look ...


Yup, that's right two blogs in one day.  I didn't want to keep all the great news to myself so I am going to share a little bit of what is in store at the Pub as the weather cools.  The Pub daily specials have begun.  We are starting our daily ...