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Happening Here

What is happening in the world of Dogfish.

It’s Friday, the sun is shining here in coastal Delaware and our friend Amy sent us the perfect Aprihop recipe … just in time for the weekend!


We’re grabbing our hammers and heading just down the road for our 6th Annual Benevolence Day here at Dogfish Head!  


You know how when you live somewhere, you don't do all the things that visitors want to do when they visit your hometown? Then you have out-of-town guests and they say, 'Let's do that thing you'd never get around to doing?" And you do it. And that's when you realize that you need to get out more!


Our ongoing Life and Limb collaboration love fest with our pals from Sierra Nevada continues! 

Today Brian Grossman is in town from North Carolina with his lovely wife Gina and son Jax. Since NC and DE are known for growing great peaches, we are combining x-wing fighter and c3PO powers to make a woodgrilled peach session-y schwartz beer.


Jeff Gordon, a four-time winner at Dover International Speedway, is scheduled to participate in a free question-and-answer session open to fans on the bandstand at the Rehoboth Beach, Del. boardwalk on Wednesday, Aug. 20 at 2:30 p.m. as part of the NASCAR Victory Tour. Gordon will be joined by Sam Calagione, founder of the Dogfish Head Brewery, who is serving as Coastal Delaware’s ambassador and will welcome him to the area.


For the past few weeks we've been sharing the news that our Rehoboth Beach brewpub & brewery Tasting Room will be closing early this Saturday for our annual co-worker Post-Holiday Hootenanany. Say what?! What could possibly be so important that we completely close both the pub & brewery on the busiest day of the week?


Today we are brewing a small batch beer on our brewpub 2-bbl system with our pals from Funky Buddha in Oakland Park, Florida. Like us they started super small as a nano brewery; they started out brewing 45-gallon batches and Dogfish started back in 1995 with 15-gallon batches.


Has something been missing in your world?  Maybe a little World Wide Stout?  Good news, it’s back!


The menu for the second dinner in our off-season series is out now, and it's shaping up to be another tasty night. The theme is Vintage Beers, so with each delicious dish, you'll be sampling something from the stash of Dogfish Head founder and president Sam Calagione. Check it out!