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Every Beer has a Story

Every Dogfish beer is off-centered in its own way.

As spring begins to give in to summer and the days get longer, things are happening at the pub.  This week is the beginning of restaurant week in Rehoboth.  Local restaurants are serving three course menus for the price of either $20 or $30 each.  ...


Our friends, Belgian brewer/blender Armand and his wife Lydie Debelder, recently suffered a heart wrenching production set-back at their brewery 3 Fonteinen. A brewery thermostat broke and as a result, excessive heat ruined about 100,000 bottles of ...


So, we thought long and hard, drank a couple more beers, thought harder, put pencil to paper, pulled out our calculators, read the economist, mulled the WSJ, took a poll and then said. "Yep that's way off-centered"We decided that it's time ...


Even in a recession, it’s not necessarily all about price.  It’s about value.  Our distributors have asked for a 12 pack and we have finally delivered.Dogfish Head’s family of IPAs are the fastest growing IPA portfolio on the east coast.  ...


Next week marks the launch of Aprihop. We have been diligently shipping Aprihop to all our wholesalers over the last two weeks and will continue through next week. Our plan is for Aprihop to be hitting the shelves and taps of our customer's ...