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Every Beer has a Story

Every Dogfish beer is off-centered in its own way.

Is it a sandwich or is it a beer? Stewed Beer, this month's installment in the year-long Province Ale Company project, was brewed with pale and wheat malts, English hops, English yeast, crushed mustard seed and … lean beef.

Yup, beef was added to the kettle during the boil. Stewed Beer is malty, it's hoppy, and it's got a tinge of something unique. This isn't your everyday, average beer.

This month's dish is a bit different, too: tacos de lengua. That's braised beef tongue with pickled cabbage, avocado, tomatoes and cilantro gastrique. Come and get it!

This strange brew will be tapped this Saturday at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth Beach. And don't worry if you missed last month's beer. We held back a keg so members and newcomers can catch up and join the run of antique ales.


We have three Brewpub Exclusives coming on tap at our Rehoboth Beach brewpub later this week, so I thought we'd give you a few days to get excited for them!On Friday, we're debuting our Piercing Pils and celebrating the return of Choc ...


Today Milton brewer Liz, Brewmaster Tim, Ben (our Brewpub brewer) and I are brewing Piercing Pils. We don't do many lagers at Dogfish. And we don't do too many straightforward Reinheitsgebot brews. 

Don't worry, this is a lager, but it ain't so traditional ...  or is it?


Last week, we brewed the second beer for our Province Ale Co. ...


We just wrapped up our first ever Olde School Retreat and it was a real good time. This event is basically a hang out and thank you to a bunch of publicans who have been champions and cheerleaders of Dogfish specifically ...


I'm in Rehoboth for a pub brew with Tim and Ben today. We are doing the second test batch of Birra Eutrusca today: the Ancient Ale we are doing with our pals Leo, Teo, and Dr. Pat. We did the first batch with Birreria brewer Peter at ...


Positive Contact, the newest beer in our Music Series begins hitting retailers today.We're very excited about all the ...


Our brewday here at Maui Brewing Co has begun!


This week, our colleagues at Ellicottville Brewing Company made some public misstatements about our business practices. For many years, we have sold beer under the name


One of the best parts of my job comes with the occasional opportunities I get to explore some other region of the country or world and brew with friends. Just got back from Italy doing some research and brewing a test batch for our next Ancient Ale ...