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I have allergies ... can I still drink Dogfish Head beer?

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We often get questions about allergies, special diets and more in relation to our beers.  We can’t always answer specifics, but we can give you some of our most talked about allergies…


Our beers that DO contain wheat as a recipe ingredient….


Raison D’etre
Palo Santo Marron
Red & White
Black & Blue
Festina Peche
Namaste-(raw wheat and wheat)
Saison Du Buff
Bitches Brew
Noble Rot
Positive Contact
Ta Henket 


The following beers contain ingredients you may wish to know…


American Beauty – Almonds & Oats
Birra Etrusca- Hazelnut flour
Chicory Stout- Oats
Indian Brown Ale-Corn
Sah’tea-Rye flakes
Positive Contact- Oats


We also have beers containing dextrose, a corn derived sugar…


Burton Baton
120 Minute
World Wide Stout
Black & Blue
Olde School Barleywine
Hellhound On My Ale
Red & White

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