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I want to be a Brewmaster, what do I need to do?

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Hmmm, where to start?  The first place is a formal education.  Typically we find people with either life science type or engineering degrees.  Many of our new brewers not only have those types of degrees, but also have completed a formal brew centric education through University of Davis, Siebel Institute of Technology or the American Brewers Guild.  Another way is via a non-paid apprenticeship at a local brewery.  A recently hired brewer worked at a small brewery, scrubbing kegs, packaging bottles, cleaning and eventually brewing.  It isn’t that uncommon that very small brewery’s and pubs will offer these type of arrangements while they are in the growing stage and don’t need full time people.  Most important piece of the journey-- be patient and humble.  It doesn’t happen for many overnight!

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