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Small Coincidence

Limited, Draft Only
Original Release Date: 

Small Coincidence is a brew inspired a highly popular drink across the Atlantic in the UK – authentic Ginger Beer.  No, not the dumbed down versions the masses have come to recognize as Ginger Ale here in the US, but pure spicy ginger goodness from the use of freshly pureed ginger root, and little else.  These wonderful drinks are typically semi sweet, flavored with a hint of lemon juice, and intensely spicy and funky.  The tropical fruit notes from these specialty drinks inspired Brewpub Brewer Ben to come up with a hoppy brew utilizing intensely aromatic Citra and Apollo hops to compliment the complex funky character of the pureed ginger root.  To make it a true “Ginger” beer, we gave it an intense ruddy ruby red hue through the delicate use of debittered black and chocolate malts with a touch of Carmalized Munich malt from France.  Small Coincidence is a true looker with its red highlights and intense aromas and flavors of toffee, tropical fruit, grass, and spicy ginger.

Small Coincidence will be tapped on 11/8/13 and will be available as long as it lasts.

Due to limited availability, our Brewpub Exclusives are not available in growlers.

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